Splitting Frog’s Hairs

Eric Proofing MirandaThe process of getting my own (or anyone’s) artwork to final giclėe printing is an amazing and intense process. After the work is photographed with a gazillion megapixel camera, it goes under incredible scrutiny at the next stop: the printer.

In the photo, Eric Bazarnic is checking proofs with me against the original of Miranda’s Obsession. We look for the slightest variations in color, whites, and blacks to get the most perfect match to the original as physically possible.

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Did He Say This Is Tequila?

Tequila BookOne afternoon in the late 1990s a number of my friends and I dropped into a tequila bar in Tempe called “Palapa’s” for a shot of tequila. We were sipping a shot of Patron añejo, which at the time for us was the “real deal.” We said to the bartender, “This is pretty good, huh?” He replied, “It’s okay.” We were a bit surprised, and asked, “So, what do YOU like?” He walked back with a bottle of Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. We said, “Cuervo? Really?” He poured us all a shot at $16 a copy. It was dark, looking more like a fine whiskey or Cognac. We said, “Did he say this is Tequila?” We studied it. We smelled it. And then we took a sip. Again we said, “DID HE SAY THIS IS TEQUILA?” We’d never had anything quite like it before. It was smooth, with a sweet caramel undertone and near cognac flavor. That’s when it all started. Continue reading