I began drawing when I was very young. My mother was very artistic, so I probably got that gene from her. I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and much of my education was in art. From sixth grade on, I loved art in school, and I was fortunate to attend Des Moines Technical High School which had an extensive, very focused, art program.

I greatly enjoy studying other artists’ work, and could spend days in art galleries. I don’t know that any artist is ever 100% satisfied with their work, and I continually try to improve with every painting I do. Currently, I’m enjoying painting with acrylics, which are a bit challenging as they tend to dry very quickly. However, I like their water-solubility, and I think I’ve pretty much figured them out.

A good friend recently told me she thought my work was “totally believable,” and that is the effect I try to achieve. Capturing a moment in time is what my art is to me, and when I complete a painting, that moment is there forever for others to see.

My wife, Deborah, and I moved from Kansas to Arizona 28 years ago, and now live in Gold Canyon. I welcome commission work, so if you have a favorite picture you’d like painted, feel free to contact me.

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