What Exactly Does It Take?

When folks visit my website, they may or may not read the “Giclée Prints” section, and may or may not know what it takes to make a fine art giclée print. So, to illustrate how exceptional the resolution and printing is in the finished product, I’ve taken a snippet from my last painting, Crystal Head.

Crystal Head with InsetThe first image has a small, white, square on the forehead area of the skull, showing the location of the “snippet.” The second, enlarged image shows the area contained by the white square. You can easily see the texture of the canvas and my brush strokes in the enlarged image. Notice that there is absolutely no pixelization in the enlarged image. The snippet represents approximately one square inch of the actual painting, which is 432 square inches in area. If one wished to do so, the print could be enlarged to many times its normal size with no degradation of the image. Naturally, smaller prints–available by special order–can be made with no loss in quality.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on what goes into making my fine art prints, and why I am so excited about being able to offer them.

Crystal Head Snippet

Los Elegantes

Title: Los Elegantes
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 22″ x 28″
Buy Print ($310)
Buy Original – N/A

Los Elegantes is number 14 in the series “My Favorite Tequilas.” Don Julio REAL is an amazing Tequila. The packaging presentation alone will tell one that this is going to be an extraordinary experience. Coupled with an ice-cold Modelo Especial cerveza, this painting is a study in gold (according to my best critic, independent arts-and-crafts professional Patty Goberville) and was a test to capture not only shiny, but crinkly and frosty surfaces.


Title: Herradura
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 20″
Buy Print ($195)
Buy Original – contact artist

This is number 13 in my series of My Favorite Tequilas. Herradura is one of my old favorites, and in my opinion a very underrated Anejo Tequila. With three glass objects, this was a challenge and a joy to paint. What a beautiful bottle! And I love painting shiny things, especially when they are full of tequila!