Good Things Come in Pairs

The Perfect Pair
Title: The Perfect Pair
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 12″ x 16″
Buy Print: ($135)
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Still working on the series, “My Favorite Tequilas…” I just finished two commission pieces for some special friends, one of which is titled “The Perfect Pair” now displayed in my Acrylic Gallery. The companion piece (not shown) is of the KAH añejo, and is a black-and-white, hand-painted, ceramic bottle. Both symbolize the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead, or “Dia de Los Muertos.” These paintings were especially significant to me, as I had the great privilege of performing these folks’ wedding. The black bottle painting includes the book of the ceremony and their vows. The title “The Perfect Pair” really refers to these friends, but has multiple meanings: the two paintings, the two tequiilas, and the two shots of blanco Tequila in “The Perfect Pair.”

I continue to be amazed and impressed with the uniqueness of tequila bottles, the stories they tell, and the beautiful hand painting that many of them possess. Each one is a new challenge in a different way, and keeps me striving to improve my work. Hope you enjoy them.