Gotta Keep Movin’

Okay, this is a tease. I’m back working on a tequila painting as I said I would be, but Deb and I are moving to Gold Canyon, Arizona. The effort to gather all of our stuff and get our present home ready for its new owner has dominated my (and Deb’s) time.

I am working on a painting that is probably 80% finished, and it’s difficult for me to look at it and not be able to paint. Not only that, it is a real challenge: not one, but three tequila bottles. (That’s a hint.) Once we’re totally in our temporary digs I may be able to squeeze a few hours into it, and maybe even complete it before we move into our new home toward the end of September. It’s another 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas, but that’s all I’m saying. Stay tuned. I’ll reveal it the moment it’s signed.