How to Buy


Original works in acrylic and oil are available for sale on this site. You can view the works in the Acrylic and Oil galleries. If an original is still available for sale, there will be a “Buy Original” link listed for the work. Originals that have already been sold will be listed as “N/A”. Smaller versions of the original may be special ordered.

If you like my work, but don’t see what you want, I welcome work on commission. (See Commissioned Works below.)

Commissioned Works

Many of the works featured on this web site were done on commission, and I welcome commission work, so please feel free to contact me if you have a favorite photo that you’d like turned into an original painting. Just email me a detailed description of what you’d like, the approximate size, and the deadline for completion, if any. I will contact you to discuss options and the process going forward. You may need to provide me a photo (or photos) of the subject you want painted. The higher the resolution of the photo(s), the better I will be able to capture the detail of the photo in the painting. Most paintings take me up to four weeks to complete. Some can take longer, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. I ask for a 50% down payment prior to commencing work, with the balance due when the work is completed. Normal ground shipping is FREE within the Continental United States.

All paintings are done on professional-grade canvas (specify either 5/8” or 1¼” stretcher bars) with the edges also painted so the work can be hung without a frame if desired. Your commissioned painting can also be framed if you like. Each original work is finished with a protective varnish.

I reserve all rights of reproduction and all copyrights on the artwork, the preliminary design, and any incidental works made in the creation of the artwork. No reproduction rights are granted in the purchase of the artwork unless there is a written agreement specifying such prior to completion of the work.

Paintings will remain in my possession until paid for in full.


Prints are available for sale via the “Buy Print:” link for the piece in the Acrylic and Oil galleries as long as the limited-edition run of prints for the painting have not all sold.

All acrylic and oil works are printed on canvas using 5/8” or 1.5” stretcher bars (that’s how deep the frame is.) The 5/8” size typically goes into a frame, while the 1.5” is suitable for hanging as is, but can also can go into a frame if you’d prefer that look. There’s not much difference in the cost of the 5/8″ and 1.5″ stretcher bars. All prints are giclée prints created using archival pigments that will last for decades.


I accept payment by either cashier’s check or credit card (via Square). If you pay by cashier’s check, I wait until the check clears before commencing work or shipping your merchandise.


Please allow up to 10 days for shipping. Normal ground shipping is FREE on all orders within the continental United States. Shipping to other U.S. destinations and  international shipping are charged at current rates.