My Struggle With a Certain Painting

The Three Amigos
Title: The Three Amigos
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 20″
Buy Print: ($200)
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My latest painting was a challenge, for a number of reasons.

The Three Amigos” (not to be confused with the brand of tequila called 3 Amigos) was far more challenging than I expected it to be when I began it. I struggled with “The Three Amigos” more than any painting I can remember. Certainly part of my struggle was due to the distractions of moving, which began at the end of August. The work was also a bear to paint because of all the Dia de los Muertos’ detail in the labels!

Unlike all but one other painting in the My Favorite Tequilas series, there is no glass in “The Three Amigos”. I was feeling like it might be boring with no glass, but I’ve several friends who’ve seen it in person have said it’s their favorite so far; even Eric, who does my prints!

It’s strange, but I’ve always felt that my paintings look better in person, regardless of how well they’re photographed. Somehow they just don’t look as good on the computer. Anyway, we’re finally pretty much settled into our new home, and “The Three Amigos” is now posted in my Acrylic Gallery here. I hope you enjoy it.

Now it’s on to the next one.