Splitting Frog’s Hairs

Eric Proofing MirandaThe process of getting my own (or anyone’s) artwork to final giclėe printing is an amazing and intense process. After the work is photographed with a gazillion megapixel camera, it goes under incredible scrutiny at the next stop: the printer.

In the photo, Eric Bazarnic is checking proofs with me against the original of Miranda’s Obsession. We look for the slightest variations in color, whites, and blacks to get the most perfect match to the original as physically possible.

It’s funny; I’m the artist, but both Davin (the photographer) and Eric have a much better eye for any variation. Kind of like when you read your own writing, but someone else reading it can quickly spot the misspelled words. The result is a “virtual” copy of the original that, even when side-by-side with the original in perfect light, it takes a trained eye to tell the original from the giclėe. Even under a jeweler’s loupe, the detail is spectacular. It took years to find people of this caliber to reproduce my work, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer products of this quality to those who would have my art in their homes or offices.