It’s Always the Fine Print That Gets You

Dickel 142
Title: Dickel #142
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 12″ x 16″
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George Dickel nine-year whiskey is an excellent liquor, and the hand-written label makes it even more special.

This was a commission piece for some friends to give their son for his birthday. The 12-inch by 16-inch size of the commissioned work required that the lettering of the label be extremely tiny, making it particularly difficult to paint. It was a challenge to get just right, but worth the effort.

Los Elegantes

Title: Los Elegantes
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 22″ x 28″
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Los Elegantes is number 14 in the series “My Favorite Tequilas.” Don Julio REAL is an amazing Tequila. The packaging presentation alone will tell one that this is going to be an extraordinary experience. Coupled with an ice-cold Modelo Especial cerveza, this painting is a study in gold (according to my best critic, independent arts-and-crafts professional Patty Goberville) and was a test to capture not only shiny, but crinkly and frosty surfaces.