Clase Azul Ultra Method

Clase Azul Ultra
Title: Ultra
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 24″ x 48″
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Clase Azul Ultra is a rare bottle of tequila.

Only 100 bottles of Clase Azul Ultra are made each year, and only 50 make their way to the United States.

A shot of Clase Azul Ultra costs $250 in the bars that offer it.

The ceramic bottle is hand painted and decorated with gold, platinum, and silver.

I can’t describe how delicious Clase Azul Ultra is! I’ve tasted nothing that even comes close. I’m so sad it’s gone, but the bottle will serve as a reminder of this precious gift from my daughter and her significant other forever.

I chose to keep this painting as simple as possible to keep the focus where it should be. What a presentation!

A Proud Moment

John and Debbie, 22” x 28” original acrylic on canvas.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a fondness for really good tequila. Several years ago a close friend gifted me a bottle of Señor Rio añejo tequila, and it was signed by the owner, John Gach – an Arizona man! Señor Rio is locally owned, but made in Jalisco, Mexico. It was a very special gift. Fast forward, I met John’s wife, Debbie for lunch to find out that, sadly, John had passed away about a year ago. Debbie had seen my work at Los Dos Molinos in Mesa, and asked if she could commission me to paint a portrait of her and John. It was an honor to do so.

Portraits can be difficult, especially if you know the person (or people). I had never met John, but Debbie provided me with a number of pictures of him, and her, and them together. John was a dynamic man – an avid body builder with a variety of tattoos on both of his huge arms, which made the painting interesting and challenging. Getting both John and Debbie just right was a struggle, and I also incorporated a bottle of Señor Rio – per Debbie’s request. In the end I was pleased with the result, and Debbie was as well. She recently had the painting framed and sent me a photo of it. She knew exactly what end result she wanted, and the framed portrait looks amazing. The right frame can totally change a painting’s look.

Debbie was featured on Fox 10 news in Phoenix. Señor Rio is a great success story, and a very happy reminder to me of the process of painting John and Debbie’s portrait.

Los Elegantes

Title: Los Elegantes
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 22″ x 28″
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Los Elegantes is number 14 in the series “My Favorite Tequilas.” Don Julio REAL is an amazing Tequila. The packaging presentation alone will tell one that this is going to be an extraordinary experience. Coupled with an ice-cold Modelo Especial cerveza, this painting is a study in gold (according to my best critic, independent arts-and-crafts professional Patty Goberville) and was a test to capture not only shiny, but crinkly and frosty surfaces.


Title: Herradura
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 20″
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This is number 13 in my series of My Favorite Tequilas. Herradura is one of my old favorites, and in my opinion a very underrated Anejo Tequila. With three glass objects, this was a challenge and a joy to paint. What a beautiful bottle! And I love painting shiny things, especially when they are full of tequila!

The Three Amigos

Title: The Three Amigos
Print: Giclée on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 20″
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Number 12 in the series My Favorite Tequilas, The Three Amigos depicts the añejo, reposado, and blanco varieties of Espolon juices, a fantastic tequila bargain and the winner of many awards. All of them are very smooth, and the añejo, relatively new to the family, is finished in bourbon barrels, giving it a distinctive flavor. The attractive bottles are another celebration of Dia de los Muerto.