Let Me Be Crystal Clear

Crystal Head
Title: Crystal Head
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 18″ x 24″
Buy Print: ($240)
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My latest effort is titled “Crystal Head,” which is a bit unoriginal, since it’s the brand of the vodka, but it’s the only thing that seemed to fit. I thought about “Three Huge Olives,” but the real star of the painting is certainly the bottle, so I chose to let the title stand.

Ever since the first moment I saw this bottle, I knew I had to paint it. All the other bottles I’ve painted have been fairly easy by comparison, with a reflection here and there, but this one; it is one huge puzzle of reflections! “Crystal Head” was a bear to paint. I used no less than six reference photos–as well as the actual bottle–to paint it. Finally, I had to say, “Finished.”

So many people ask, “How long did it take you to paint that?” It’s often a difficult question to answer, as I don’t log my hours when I paint, and much of my time is spent studying the subject, and studying what I’ve done up to that point. When I add it all up, it can run into weeks. I’d say the actual painting time of “Crystal Head” was approximately 70-75 hours. Of course, I don’t sit (actually stand) in front of the canvas for eight hours a day, so those hours stretch over a couple of months. I started “Crystal Head” in late December, 2017.

I appreciate the support and encouragement I get with every painting, and take all of your comments to heart. My daughter, Kasey, is helping me get up to speed with Instagram, so please follow me there if you’re not already, and I will follow you back.

Thank you so much!

Another Shiny Thing

CH Cork Sneak PeekI’m working on something shiny again, but this time, it’s not a tequila bottle and associated accessories. It’s a vodka bottle, martini glass, and three big olives: the ultimate shiny thing, and quite the challenge. I probably will have painted this bottle six times by the time I’m finished, but it is fun trying to capture this one. I believe you’ll see why when you see the final work; it’s a very complex surface.

My objective with this painting is to have something to offer at the next art show I’m participating in at the Queen Creek Olive Mill, hence the olives. The show date is Sunday, February 11th, so if you find yourself bored and driving aimlessly around on that day, please drop in and say “hi.” I’ll have my “usual suspects” on display, along with the new shiny departure. It is an acrylic on canvas, 18” x 24”, and I may not have prints on hand as I will be rushing to complete this one by the date of the show. As always, prints are no more than a couple of weeks out, so if you or anyone you know would like to buy a print–or the original–please contact me. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

A Different Kind of Shiny

Russ' Pour
Title: Russ’s Pour
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 24″
Buy Print: ($200)
Buy Original: N/A

There is a change in my Acrylic Gallery; I’ve been asked about this one before. A good friend commissioned a painting of a Vodka bottle for a gift. Not tequila, but a shiny bottle and glasses. I’ve finally gotten it photographed and proofed, and prints are available for the first time. It is a bottle of Chopin (pronounced Sho-PAN) and highlights a frosted bottle that was a real challenge to paint. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and even put in a couple of spills for an added something. The original is titled “Russ’s Pour” and is a 16” x 24” acrylic on canvas. The original is not available; however, giclėe prints are available in the original size or smaller by special order.

If you have a favorite whiskey, Scotch, Gin, wine bottle, or whatever you’d like, I’d be happy to paint it for you. See How to Buy for more details, or drop me a line via the Contact Page.

All this talk about Vodka is making me thirsty for a martini…