The Obsession

Miranda's Obsession
Title: Miranda’s Obsession
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 22″ x 28″
Buy Print: ($310)
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I’ve been asked many times what drove me to paint “Miranda’s Obsession.” Miranda works at Super Cuts, and cuts my hair. (Okay, no hair jokes.) She has many piercings and is covered with tattoos. One day I asked about the one on her left arm, and she told me of the HUGE expense it took to get it there. The tattoo is Alice In Wonderland with a twist. Days later, I had the thought of doing a tequila painting that included her arm raising a nice snifter of fine tequila, and the tequila that came to mind is the luscious Los Azulejos anejo in the Picasso bottle. My thought was: art meets art. The painting begs the question: what is her obsession, the tattoos, or the tequila? You can provide your own answer. Miranda’s Obsession was a stretch for me, and a fun challenge.